Sunday, 3 March 2013

Home...and Away

Apologies for the longer than anticipated absence from the Blogger World, but My Good Wife surprised me with a week way somewhere warm and relaxing in a more civilised part of the World than I had recently been in.
It was just as well in fact, as I had come back to weather about 30 degrees colder than I had been used to and the Old Body was not standing up to it too well to put it mildly. I did manage a couple of walks however before jetting off but as you can see from the Picture below the days were very overcast and dull and generally pretty damn boring, from a photography point of view.

This is a view from Elliot Beach just south of Arbroath, which is looking kinda scruffy these days due to the number of fairly intense storms that have hit this part of the World these last few months, which has washed up all sorts of debris both man made and natural, on to the Beaches.
We jetted back in to the UK on the 24th February to clear skies and sunny but freezing days, and I managed to take one of my better pictures of an almost full Moon at close to midnight in temperatures of -6 degrees centigrade ! helped of course by a hip flask of Scotlands finest...

I have always struggled to take a decent picture of the moon, never quite getting the settings correct, but a wonderful Guest post over on the Nikon Rumors blog opened my eye's and I managed this humble attempt.
Now its back to reality and the Chore list...I have 2 weeks to complete the tasks set and then it's back to work for me. Where I am heading off for is still to be decided but I can put money on to yet another journey to the Continent of Africa...wonderful.