Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Time to Leave

Thats its I'm afraid, after a lot of soul searching this Blog is closing down, and there will be no further entries.

As a lot of you know, a Blog is pretty hard work to keep up, and I am afraid that these days I have other priorities without wondering what the next post will be about, and when can I find the time to post with the current demands on my time.
It's been fun, and I am getting out before it becomes a burden. You won't find me on any of the other Social Media outlets as I consider them a pointless waste of one's time and energy. 

I will continue to develop my small Photographic website at Triple P Imaging but that's really for me, and will be done at a pace of my own making. A picture speaks a thousand words, so I'll let them do my talking from now on in.


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  1. ......and here I was hoping this would be a good week!

    Your news saddens me but I do know where you're coming from P. I've done much soul searching myself regarding continuing the blog (and like you I do no other social media stuff - all shallow garbage). Because I post almost daily it is a lot of work. I do enjoy the creative process of the blog - used to work in art and advertising and miss it - and of course I've met so many people in the past 6 years of blogging, many I've shared real time with over a nice cuppa both here and in other countries. My adventure travel of the past 3 years has given me a place to share memories of amazing places in this world with my stories and photos. I consider it my 'journal' and hope it will, some day in the future, be read by my grandchildren/great grandchildren perhaps!!

    So will I go on blogging? I developed this darned autoimmune condition almost a year ago and am having major pain problems making life somewhat difficult. I think expedition travel is over and easier trips just with my husband are planned........and I will perhaps cut back on computer time and give my hands the rest they require these days.

    P, I will continue to check your website - you have such talent and your photos are always beautiful. I understand that your busy life of travel for your work, your family, and life in general is enough to keep you busy. Will miss you here of course, your "discordant muttering rambles" were always such fun to read, but wish you well in all you do...................and will let you know if I ever manage to get back to Scotland because we should at least share a nice cup of tea!

    Best wishes, good health, be happy, follow your passion with your photography........and I'll always be hoping to spot perhaps a little comment from you now and then.
    Mary - (A Breath of Fresh Air)