Wednesday, 30 September 2009

D D D Dentist

When i was away in Dubai last time i detected the beginning of an ache in the old Molar.... Now, if you are anything like me, you just try and do your best to, a) ignore it, or b) masticate your food on the other side of your mouth, and hope the pain will go away, or remain bearable enough to live with....the reason being is that I am completely terrified of Dentists, and especially their rather noisy, hard and pain giving objects that they attempt to put into your mouth....thats when they can prise my jaws open of course.

Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful Dentist, and whats more she is wonderfully attractive, but as soon as I sit in that chair, and the back starts to descend into a lying position I break out into a cold sweat....pathetic I know, but there you are.
Anyway, this time it was a case of a (thankfully) quick patch up, followed by an X ray...all pretty painless, except the old gag reflex kicked in during the X ray....just why do they try and fit awkward and overly large objects into your mouth ? its not my fault that i projectile vomited out the 2" piece of card she had wedged in my Gob....OK, it was only a 1 cm piece of photographic card I saw her pick up off the floor, but it sure felt like at least 2" square at the time.

Anyway the upshot of all of this, is that I now have another appointment on the 7th of October...a sadistically long enough period of time, for me to have a complete nervous breakdown just thinking of what might be coming my way on that to cheer myself up (Oh yeah !!), we ventured down to the beach at St Cyrus, which is not a million miles away, to soak up the remaining summer sun that is left.

The 4 stooges were in their element, sprinting off in all directions, none of them the same; chasing seagulls and the like, and generally behaving like hooligans, which is 2nd nature to them.
It was so good I almost forgot about the 7th ......... for all of about a nano-second !


ps. In case i have a complete nervous breakdown, and don't post tomorrow.....pinch and a punch !

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Edinburgh Zoo

We had a pleasant few hours wandering around the Zoo the other day, it is remarkably quiet at this time of year, so there were no sniveling, screaming snot ridden kids wandering around in Hoodies etc, which meant that for once the Adults could come out and play.
The weather was great (especially after the crap we had been having earlier in the month), and we even saw most of the Animals, which made a change from the recent visit to the Highland Safari Park, where we saw the sum of bugger all.
One word of warning for those passing through Dundee to get anywhere going South or West, the City Council in all their esteemed wisdom have succeeded in completely bringing the Traffic to a grinding halt near the Docks, so make sure you travel with a packed lunch, extra blankets and a thermos, as you'll be quite a time getting through that area, if indeed you eventually do.


Friday, 18 September 2009

Leuchars Airshow

This was a good day out, apart for those who decided to take a car, and then found out some hours later that the other 11,999 cars on the Leuchars base, were all trying to get out of the same gate.... Last year there had been similar scenes, so the RAF in their understandable wisdom, decided this year to let a "Traffic management Consultancy" arrange the parking this time. So it was good to see that they made exactly the same mistake as the "Boys in Blue" had made in 2008.....I would love to know, just how much they (We) had been eye wateringly charged for this piece of consultancy, but i guess there were a reasonable number of noughts involved.
As you know the weather was fantastic, and there was many a red nose seen at the end of the day, as the sun started biting. Of course no one had bothered to bring any suntan lotion, as none of the 50,000 crowd believed for one moment, that the big yellow object would eventually make an appearance in this part of the World ! We expected dry, yes; but Sun, never !
Anyway, it was all very noisy, Boys Toys and colourful tail art on the various aircraft.

Everyone also got a little taste of what the Guys in Helmand Province, Afghanistan must feel like, as the Chinook helicopter broke down and couldn't display..... Mind you, I was wondering why on Earth there was a Chinook here in the first place, as I just had the idea that maybe it could have been more usefully deployed elsewhere.... call me a cynic if you wish.

The Mighty Vulcan

Oh, and before i forget, if you want to attract the "Birds", then dress up in red flying coveralls with lots of patches (mainly saying Red Arrows), and wear a Breiting never fails, as "She who must remain nameless" was pictured asking for an autograph....Shallow, very funny and a good end to the Show !


Thursday, 17 September 2009

I'm (eventually) back.....

Yes I know...... there I was saying i will be updating stuff around the end of last month, and then came complete silence.... sorry.
My pathetic excuse is that quite honestly I have been incredibly busy, these last few weeks.
Dubai passed in a blur, as the de rigging of the Boat was just so fast, and consequently manic. I then arrived back in the UK last Friday to a beautiful sunset (see above for untainted pic) to find that "She who must be obeyed" had kindly organised a rail trip to the Leuchars airshow, which was fun, but at my advanced age completely knackering, and since then, I have been in recovery !
My consequent silence was then helped by Btinternet (God bless their cotton socks) deciding to play with the old broadband cut me off, for no other reason apart from losing us in their records.....unbelievable, but sadly true.
Anyway, its good to be back; even with every Tractor and Combine Harvester in the world trying to currently aim themselves at me whenever i see them on the road, but thats another story.....

Pretty pics of Leuchars Airshow will be downloaded shortly, and the rant will begin again once more....fingers crossed.