Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Happy 2013

Happy New Year to you all from the World's worst blogger....yup I know, there I go and trumpet far and loud that I am back, and then the deafening sound of silence for three months.....Typical Man I hear you say !
What is worse, it's not as if I am going to regale you with some amazing adventure that I have been through, or a description about a recent trip of a lifetime, Oh no. Essentially I didn't get off my skinny wee butt after all the work I put in to starting up my new Photography website, and time just ran away with Me.
To be a little honest, I was also beginning to feel a tad jaded staring at Computers, and looking through thousands of Photos (with a lot more still to go!), and then trying to make sense of designing a website. Don't take me the wrong way about this website design; Zenfolio and others do a remarkable job for us Computer illiterates, and do make it very easy for us to get up and running, but as always, knowledge (and over confidence) is a dangerous thing, especially when you get drawn into the "options" syndrome.

Oh yes...options, don't go there and this is Mr Hindsight speaking! First it was a little twiddle changing the font, then the size of it, followed quickly by testing out various colours and themes. Not satisfied with just leaving well alone, the next stop was to change the layout...several times, followed finally by some subtle changes to the shopping basket, so on and so forth. The damn photos began to be incidental to the whole process in the end !
Anyway, sanity finally prevailed (The Wife spoke sternly to me !), and I remembered what the heck I was doing, and why. So the fiddling stopped and the KISS principle came to the fore, and I let the photo's do the talking. After that decision I discovered that strangely enough I had a lot more time in my life !
So now, full circle here I am, currently sailing off the paradise shores of Angola, a Country from which I appear to be unable to escape from, for any lengthy period of time. I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong in a previous life, but boy am I paying for it in spades at this moment. Angola is; let me see... different, but hey thats another story or two for later, and I promise it won't be 3 months later either.
For those of you remotely interested, the photograph is taken from my 2013 calendar, and shows one of my Clematis growing in the garden and showing off its vibrant colouring, brought out by that rarest of Scottish commodities....Sunlight.



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  2. Welcome back and Triple P is absolutely amazing!!!