Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Yup, I'm in Peru, and no, it wasn't planned, which all in all, is pretty normal to be honest in Seismic at times !

Piura Street scene

The week had started badly enough with me having to go through my very first tooth extraction, an experience which i would rather not repeat again in a hurry, and this was then followed by the fateful phone call asking me how long it would take me to get ready to travel to a vessel in Peru, rather than head off to the Office in Bergen. So here I am, busy sailing up and down the coast of Northern Peru for my sins, fighting with the local Fishermen who keep throwing fish at us (I kid you not), a fairly strange way of doing a discard me thinks !
Its my first time in Peru to be honest, and so far I am pleasantly surprised, even with the odd fish being thrown in my direction. Lima airport was amazing, very modern, very easy to get round, and very helpful staff....a real eye opener, especially as I had travelled from the delights of Paris, and we all know what a shining example of an Airport that is.... although I guess CDG must be improving slightly, as this time they had managed to send my luggage with me, rather than to Baku, or some other destination of their choice.
From Lima, I travelled to Piura, and then after a stay there, travelled up the Pan American Highway (sounds grand, but isn't) for 3 hours before eventually arriving in Mancora, whereupon I was picked up by a boat and sailed for the big nasty Seismic ship running the gauntlet of the Flying Fish from the local fishing fleet, who obviously believe they own this part of the Ocean, and consequently believe they have the sole right to sail and work in it. To be honest, its no different from dealing with Scottish and Spanish fishermen in the North Sea; minus the thrown Fish of course, as there is of course no Fish left to catch in that area, let alone waste throwing at anyone !

Rice Paddies

 Anyway....to the photos. just a couple this time, as I shall expand the story and post more photos when I am a little more organised. The first is just an early morning street scene from Piura, and the 2nd is taken from the window of the vehicle I was in when travelling to Mancora.......You would think you were in Vietnam with those rice paddies wouldn't you ?

More will follow.



  1. Hmm, perhaps you're looking hungry and the fishermen are trying to feed you?

    In all my ignorance, I didn't know there were rice fields in Peru.

    1. Carolina, I had absolutely no idea about Rice paddies in Peru, I was completely surprised when i saw these....not quite as surprised as the fish chucking episode mind you !

  2. Peru looks very peaceful - and empty! Shame about the fish-throwers - maybe it's a ritual to welcome visitors, then again, maybe not.

  3. I think you must have just signed on to follow my blog, or how else would I have discovered yours? It's been a long day and I do not remember, but if that is the case I thank you. Part of the longness of the day was reading your entire blog...yes all of it and I do have a life. You see, I have a good friend of many years, another Scotsman surprisingly, and we used to exchange letters back and forth. He'd write the greatest stuff just as you do. Unfortunately he has seemed to have gone off the deep end and I've not heard from him for a year or more. But now I once again have source of wonderful cynical wit that I find so entertaining. You don't have a brother by the name of Eric do you?

  4. Jabblog, It sure is from what little i have seen of it. these small snapshots just do not do it justice.

  5. Sinbad, firstly many apologies for making your day so long, and secondly, many thanks for your kind words. Hopefully i will continue to dig out of what little grey matter I have left, interesting enough anecdotes and photos to keep you reading this stuff.