Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday, Busy Sunday...

Its been an incredibly busy weekend here in Scotland, and I am absolutely exhausted if truth be told. Firstly there was the 6 nations Rugby on Saturday, where unfortunately Scotland lost to England (as they normally do, but they live in hope !), then of course this was followed by various games of Football in the Premier league, the highlight of which was Swansea's thrashing of West Bromwich Albion....2-1 !

Dunnottar Castle

Saturday is currently being followed by an equally busy and knackering Sunday, starting with Wales beating Ireland in the Rugby..... a cracking result if I may say so, not that i am biased in any way by being Welsh (large grin across my face at this point), and this has now been followed by Manchester Utd (boo hiss) pulling back a 3 goal deficit against Chelsea to draw in the game they were playing. Next on the Agenda its the darts (just kidding), and then the Superbowl, where heavily pumped and steroid filled individuals, with more body armour than the average soldier in Afghanistan is currently wearing, throw themselves at each other head first, while one member of their team throws a small lozenge shaped ball at a very fast moving individual in his team 400 yards away or something. If that individual is unlucky to catch this projectile, he is generally rewarded by a couple of the Defenders hitting him so hard, that not only does he not know what time of day it is, after he has recovered (If he in fact does), but he actually lose's any comprehension of what week it was before the impact occurred. Its a wonderful spectacle (the game that is, not the Guy getting hit....honest), and being a Brit I am completely sold on the whole experience, which means that I will be staying up, and getting progressively more inebriated until the very early hours, and then eventually go to bed and miss out on Monday....Go Giants Go ! Its a damn hard life trying to watch all this sport.

Queen Vic's well

However, before I see the game, I actually do have to get off this lardy ass of mine, get something to eat, publish this crap, and make an intelligent comment on the photos I have downloaded....easier said than done is all I can say......but here goes anyway.
For the last couple of years I have been doing a small Calendar for what is essentially a captive family, and what few friends i have! 2011's theme was Postcard Scotland, and the photos are taken from that. The first is of Dunnottar Castle, which lies just to the south of Stonehaven. The photo was taken in the evening sun, which just caught the fortifications in its golden light. Again, in post processing I had to bring out of the under exposed dark outcrop on which it sits. The 2nd is Queen Victoria's Well situated in the Glacial valley of Glen Clova in the Angus Glens. This Well was constructed by the local populace when they heard that Queen Victoria was going to pass through on one of her travels from the Balmoral Estate....whether she did actually drink, or take a rest on her journey at this edifice is not really known, and I am not sure if anyone these days actually gives a toss anyway, but it makes for an interesting foreground for a Photographer.

Right....I'm off for the Superbowl, catch you all later.....


  1. That photo of Dunnottar Castle is stunning! Absolutely calendar worthy.
    The well is an interesting structure. More sturdy than beautiful I'd say. And probably a clever bit of engineering too.

    You should look up Suldog in my bloglist. I'm pretty sure you'll like him and his blog.

  2. I like both the photos, but I also find the castle shot magnificent. There's something magical about the late-evening light, but it doesn't always show up like this.

  3. Yes P, you truly 'captured the castle' in that amazing shot - just beautiful! The well is interesting - guess it's not open or there could be some tragic accidents there.

    Hope you enjoy a night of sport following what sounds like an entire weekend of same. Personally I detest the Superbowl or anything to do with men playing ball games. Field hockey, rounders, netball, tennis, all the girl sports at Grammar School in the '50's put me off I guess..........and the sports mistresses, well I won't even go there!

    Hope you're back by Tuesday, after the Patriots win (my husband's team) can't take the entire week off you know!


  4. Such a beautiful area. How lucky you are. Hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl. I was rooting for Eli Manning and had to ask my hubby who he played for--so I cheered the Giants on to victory. Have a great week.

  5. There was I thinking you were actually 'playing' sports;
    But I do agree you need to eat and drink plenty just to watch.
    Ah well, at least you take decent photos; you must have got off the couch for them?

    1. Friko, Thanks for the comment...yup I did eventually manage to drag my ass off the couch....a rare event these days. Thanks for visiting.