Sunday, 28 June 2009

IT to be or not to be ......?

I seem to be pondering this question more and more as i sit here looking at a blank screen, or when i see an error message saying that my DNS server cannot find the domain....of the BBC Website, Oh yeah ?
Here we are, a not inconsiderable International oil services Company, and i am currently unable to email, phone, log onto our (dripping with sarcasm voice....wonderful) Intranet, and worst of all get on the net and update this wretched Blog.
Like all stories, it has a beginning, and also like most stories it started with an idea in some bored Numb Nuts head in the corporate IT department. Who, having just finished straightening out the paperclips that He or She had found stuck between the keys, or in that stupid wee tray you always seem to get near to the top of the keyboard, decided to....lets all hear it now....."Reset the server".
Now, as far as i am aware with my limited knowledge of all things computer, there was nothing wrong with the server in the first place. the reason i can say that with some authority, is that before the Village Idiot in question pressed the reset button, i could email my friends and colleagues (not necessarily seen in the same category !), and i could damn well communicate and be communicated with.
Now as soon as the button was depressed....nada. Well, not quite nada if truth be told. As yes, i do occasionally manage to get the front page of a site up, or hear the phone ringing out if i carefully log on/dial at the correct nanosecond of earth's alignment in relationship to Jupiter and Mars; but then it all just stops, to be replaced by the increasingly familiar DNS error message, or the engaged tone.
So essentially what we have here is an IT Prick tease, who whats more has timed things to perfection, and pressed the button on a Friday evening, before scampering out to enjoy a weekend of lust, or nose picking in Paris.
Needless to say, the people at the sharp end, ie me and 2500 colleagues, who toil (no exaggeration here) 24/7 out in the field to create the earnings for this company to remain afloat, and even worse, pay the wages of a joke of an IT Department, are currently without life's essentials of communication, knowledge, alcohol and sex....well you can scrub the last 2, as its a non alcohol workplace, plus the nearest looking Female is Joey the Galley Boy......but you get my drift.
lets hope that after a suitably debauched and relaxing weekend involving Pygmies, animals, feathers, and "oops, so that's what an oyster tastes like", that our IT Colleagues can find it in themselves to knock a few synapses together, and change the fuse that has quite obviously blown when the power was reset on the server.

Later.....maybe !

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