Sunday, 28 June 2009

Its a start - but not as we know it !

I guess there is always a first entry ( I wonder how many people begin their blogging with these words or similar ? - make a personal note to check all blogs now looked at for 1st entry !) .
I imagine if i keep up with this for any length of time, before boring myself completely to death with the sheer ordinariness of my existence, i will look back at the 1st few entries and cringe with further embarrassment, but hey, who gives a tinkers cuss....onward.
Subsequent entries as we get going, should begin to reveal more about my job, but I can say for now that i am lucky (or should that be unlucky) to work in the Oil and Gas sector ( boo hiss etc etc from the back row tree huggers), my hobbies (If any), bits (that i want you to know about...) of My Life, and just rants about daft things that you see in the papers/internet.
So, as you can see, there is going to be nothing new or Earth shattering with this blog, in fact it is safe to say, all of the above will be being done elsewhere in a far superior fashion, and in a more entertaining way by a long distance....But for me, i will see it as a bit of soul cleansing in an entirely random jumble of thoughts, reality and bullshit.


  1. Been there, worked for the Oil & Gas service company and now turning ever more into a tree hugger with age.

  2. Exactly, it brings out the cynic in you doesn't it ?