Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Statistical Sunstroke

Just taking a glance at the BBC website today makes me think that some People in the UK are obviously suffering from the effects of too much sun. What is that all about eh ? Temperatures of 32°C, and out come a plethora of warnings from those "eejits" in Westminster to "Drink more water"....Oh really, are we that stupid ? i would have thought they would have realised by now that the vast majority of the British public are quite intelligent enough to make 2+2=4, which is more than can be said for the (Dis) Honourable Gentlemen.
Anyway, i digress....the point is, is that some people somewhere are obviously going down with heat stroke, take for instance the ONS, the finely titled Office for National Statistics. Apparently the economy in the UK has contracted by 2.4% in the 1st quarter of this year, but they are expecting the 2nd quarter figures to be better when they come out in July.
Riiiight, so this tells me that they have spent 2 months coming to the 1st quarter figure on the 30th June, and now they are telling us, that not only do they have crystal balls telling them what the 2nd quarter will be like almost instantly, but they will then prove that to us by coming out with a figure for the 2nd quarter in July......whats happened, have they got a faster abacus or something ?
Another statistic for you, House prices have gone up in May by 0.9%...really ? Firstly do any of you know anyone who has actually sold a house recently, and i mean really sold it ? and Secondly, does anyone know of any banks who are currently lending out real money to real people ? The words "rocking horse" shit spring to mind on both the above points.
Another report today states that manufacturing has dramatically declined, but industrial production has just shown its 1st rise for over a year....So what exactly does this tell us ?
What does this increasing daily volume of contradictory statistics and estimates made by Organisations and persons living in the south of the UK actually mean ? Are we at the bottom of the cycle ? are there really green shoots ? is this a Depression ? Does Gordon really talk to Martians? do we really care come to think of it ?
The hard fact of life is, is that we all over borrowed, some more than others it must be said. Then we all started to talk ourselves into a Depression, and now we are all trying to talk our way out of it.... Cyclical Lemmings.
The reason i know that these statistics are manipulated by the sun, and emanate from the People and Organisations who are based in the South of the UK........please just take a look at the fine Summer Evening photo below, taken from my garden yesterday....i would say that we are still in the Depression phase !


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