Monday, 29 June 2009

Sunsets, MJ and all of that.

Yup, You guessed correctly, the fuse has been replaced, and lo and behold we have communication. Having said that though, i have to ask myself did i really want to have access to the net today, as i now find that some Sicko has leaked the MJ Autopsy, and whats worse a UK newspaper is happy to lead with it on their front page......I mean what is that all about ?
You have to just shake your head at what is being said, its bad enough if half of it is true. Don't get me wrong, i am no major MJ fan, although i believe his music was absolutely beautifully produced and presented....I mean look at "Its raining in Moscow", those chords send shivers up my spine, and that slo mo video is unbelievable. But what i will say, his family need to take some responsibility for all of this. I mean, would you sit back and watch your Son or Daughter get manipulated the way he so obviously was a life completely out of his control, and isn't that awfully, awfully sad, and made worse by Persons who loved him allowing this to continue to this desperate conclusion.
One last thing, why is everyone buying all his records/discs again.... ask Yourself, who exactly is going to benefit from the money that his catalogue is producing ?

Its a kind of depressing day to be honest, so to jerk myself out of this melancholy, let me leave you with an uplifting photo showing just how good life is out here on the ocean waves sometimes.


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