Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Flight details time

Well the flight details arrived through the email yesterday, and that successfully adds doom and gloom to my life, as you know that in one weeks time, I am having to get off my lardy ass, and actually go and do some work, which means in turn, I have to leave Home for another 5 weeks, and what is worse travel to Saudi of all places.....although not for long i am glad to say. We should finish our job there after a week, and then we can head to somewhere considerably more civilised, where women can drive (did I say civilised ?), people don't get stoned for looking at another Mans Wife, and you can go and get a sensible drink somewhere other than Bahrain, which is where every hypocritical law abiding Saudi goes whenever he gets an opportunity, and thinks he can get away with it......which seems to be most weekends by the looks of things....allegedly.
To forget about the flight details, the Missus and I foolishly thinking the weather forecast would be correct (why do we never learn ?), decided to head up the A9 (another one of my favourite roads) towards Aviemore, and go and visit the Highland Wildlife Park at Kingussie.
For anyone who is thinking of doing this as a day out in itself, then don't bother wasting your money, please just send me, lets say 10 squid for this tip. For a Couple with 2.2 Kids it costs 37 squid to get in, and for that you see about 10 animals, as most of the other Buggers are either hiding, sleeping, or wilfully avoiding being seen by the paying public....its a joke.
The joke is then further cranked up a notch when it comes to the catering facilities, one cheese and tomato panini, venison hotdog (yuk !), coffee and a coke came to 14 squid.....unbelievable, and even more unbelievable that I paid for it as well.
The scenery though is lovely even with the threatening skies, and whats more its free, so I would recommend you just go up there for that, and avoid this rip off of a Tourist attraction.....the Kids will certainly thank you, and your wallet will only be lighter by the 10 squid you will be sending me.

A "Not hiding" Owl.

Cute Himalayan Blue Goat.....allegedly

Check out the technique on these Paddlers Ms TB...



  1. I must admit we have been luckier than you on our visit to the park and saw quite alot of animals, got chased by a wild horse and managed to avoid the rotten overpriced food at the cafe, and to really make you fed up---we managed to arrive on the day it was free for oldies. SORRY

  2. Never been to the wildlife park but nearby Rothiemurchus estate is magic for easy, nature-filled walking and totally free. So's the RSPB reserve at Boat of Garten (and they've got ospreys, red squirrels and some crazy wee crossbills that're only ever found in Scotland.)

  3. Excellent amiable writing, a fine example of concentrated, detailed sarcasm. :) :)

  4. Thanks for the warning. We pass the signs for this on our regular trips up and down the A9, but with a husband who doesn't see the point of paying to look at pretty much the same stuff you'd see outside the park, I think we're safe from being ripped off.

  5. Chris - Free for Oldies and getting chased by a Wild horse, damn we did time that wrong ! We were so disappointed, and from the conversations we overheard, it sounded like a few others were also unhappy.....its never a good thing to see that in Scotland. The only thing chasing us were the Mossies !

    Naldo - Thanks for those alternatives, I may try one of them out before i leave.

    Adullamite - I bow to the Master.

    Linda - I guess that will be 10 squid you owe me then !!

  6. Great photos P and a fine looking J-stroke by the looks of it.

    I'm surprised that Neil Tasker hasn't commented on the paddling. He like's a good paddling (or was that another secret, Neil?).

  7. No worries Toaster... my paddling predelictions are pretty well documented on the east coast of Scotland.... and if they weren't... they are now.
    ...nice bottom photo btw, P.