Saturday, 8 August 2009

Rush, Rush, Rush

Well its the last weekend, and "Her Indoors" has been comparing the remaining number of jobs on her "To Do" list, with contest really, I lost.....but that's a given !
Its always a bit of a panic the last few days, as there are always things to do, that you have put off for better things at the time, ie clean the gutters, mow lawns, check oil etc in cars, and that's all coupled with the fact that you are also trying to squeeze as much time in together as possible, so it all gets a bit chaotic, even after 20 something years of living this way.
So to make the most of the remaining time (and to delay doing anymore list items), on Friday we dragged ourselves up to Glen Clova, or rather Glen Doll, and walked up to the National Nature Reserve of Corrie Fee, which is most definitely worth a visit. Its a wonderful, peaceful amphitheatre you enter when you finally break through the tree line, and on a sunny day it was glorious.
Angus Council and the Forestry Commission deserve large pats on their respective backs for looking after this area so well, apparently the Ranger was telling me that they are on target for 80,000 Visitors this year....we saw 3 other people, and not a bit of litter anywhere.
After 6 hours we eventually called it a day and started back for Home and the reality that, no matter how hard we try, you just can't delay time, and I'm off again on Monday for 5 weeks.....and with unerring accuracy the weather is finally coming good, as i am about to Y'all enjoy your Summer, you lucky People.
Next post from KSA, IF I manage not to insult an Immigration official.....a quick note to Myself....remember to engage brain in Cretin mode as soon as the aircraft door opens in Dammam.



  1. Unlucky, P. There's a lot to miss when you're gone, as yer groovy pics tell. I really should get masel up to Anggus soon. It'll be berry season as well so no good reason not to.

    Try and enjoy yer trip to KSA.

  2. What a lovely glen,P, shame you've got to go, I hope your 5 weeks soon passes. Haste ye back!!

  3. Now I'm not one to complain, however people who use blue letters on a black background ought to be kept in KSA for at least a year!

  4. Naldo - You are so right, the end of August/September is great in this part of the world.
    Chris - Many thanks, believe you Me, I will certainly be hasteing back !
    Adullamite - and i did that for you ! What colours would you prefer then for your sensitive eyes ?

  5. I love that first photo, P... how the water looks all soft like. I miss the place and I've never even been!

    You may not be looking forward to it but I'm curious to see your KSA posts. I'm sure other folks are too. So you can add 'entertain fellow bloggers' to your to do list. :-P

  6. Now I'm speculating here it must be said..... who took the top pic P..... you or your good lady?
    Glen Doll has to be my fave glen. Cerainly the most spectacular, specially in winter.
    Go easy on the poor immigration guys......!

  7. Thanks for the comments Neil and Ms TB.
    Hopefully there will be time for at least a few posts from my favourite holiday destination !!
    Neil, Top pic (in fact all so far) are mine, i am enjoying playing around with this new camera the wife bought me, but i am a long way from the quality of her photo's. Its fun experimenting though, and that pic worked I think (it was the only one that did mind you !).

  8. pictures!!!

    And thank you for adding me to your blog roll!!!

  9. 15:51 Thankyou and welcome.