Saturday, 1 August 2009

Road Rage

Well my blogging hasn't been so great these last few days as I have been driving all over the place, mostly visiting, or either taking people to Hospital.....I am in danger of rapidly becoming a professional Hospital visitor !
Number 128 is not doing too good, but I better be circumspect and not comment further as there is shortly going to be a massive complaint being made to Leeds Health authority regarding his treatment and their duty of care attitude....all i will say is that they are really a bunch of Cretins.....and there, I feel a lot better for saying that !
My father in law is coincidentally also in hospital, being treated here in Scotland, and the difference between the care he is getting, compared with what Number 128 is allegedly getting is breathtakingly so very, very different....anyway, enough of the online whining, so lets get onto some decent moaning....
On my travels around our Sceptred isle I have begun to notice that driving standards are just bloody awful (it never used to be like that in my day etc !). There are obviously more people out there now, who should be no more in charge of a car, than I should be in charge of running a Hospital....hang on, come to think of it.......!
I am no Angel (honest) when it comes to speed limits, but the number of people i have followed who have blindly been doing 40/45mph on main roads (where the speed limit is 60mph), and then if that didn't piss you off enough, blithely then go ahead and continue to do this speed in the various Towns and villages (where the speed limit is 30mph), is staggering....shooting is too good for them, its should be a straight electrocution....these people are dicks. how difficult is it to understand the concept of giving way to the right ? Well it must be bloody difficult for some people, as the number of people who have nearly had me joining them in their back seat is rising. For heavens sake, observe more than 10 yards ahead, look to the right, and if there is nothing coming, then knock your socks off and drive. Anybody would think that these people live with the Cheese eating Surrender Monkeys, as they keep insisting on giving way to the left, or to the car that they can eventually see (when they raise their eyes, and actually look through the windscreen) approaching 500m away.....these people should be hung, with maybe drawing and quartering added for good measure on days with a Y in them.
And finally, the use of as far as I am aware, an Indicator is a wee orange light, its not something physical like a big, cushioned, mechanical arm, or barrier which shoots out from the side of your car and stops other cars from hitting you when you are joining a dual carriageway from a side road, and insist on pulling out in front of them, as your indicator is on, and therefore you must have right of way....what is that about ? There is a clue in the name for Gods sake...Indicator, ie a means of identifying an intention, and not "sod you, I'm coming out, and whats more, i'll be joining the motorway at the princely speed of 43mph" Jeepers, please give me the name of a stockist of the biggest set of bullbars, so that I can ram these twats.
On Thursday the evening light was wonderful,and I was lucky enough to find Myself on the (empty) road between Blairgowrie and Dunkeld, near Clunie Loch from where these pictures were taken, so I shall leave you for now with some calming pictures......I am away to do some deep breathing exercises.......
Have a great weekend, and happy 1st of August.



  1. Hmmm, touchy this morning?
    Coffee too strong? Tsk! :)

  2. Calming pics? Look at those idiots in the canoe! Paddling up-current, poor hand placement for a stern stroke and not a life-jacket in sight!

    (imagine lots of fist shaking!)


    Sorry to hear about Number 128. I hope things turn for the better soon.

  3. HaHa, I see that you are enlarging these pics again Ms T, as only you would notice the rowing techniques !

    That wee island is actually a Crannog, and it has an old ruin on it. Its a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon at, preferably with a bottle of wine.

    Thanks for your comments regarding number 128, its major fingers crossed time.

  4. Just found you through Light and Dark. Did the lovely countryside around Dunkeld help to calm you after your rant. Hope you are feeling better now. By the way you left out my favourite T R A C T O R S.

  5. Tractors....Don't get me started !! As I was writing the piece, I realised that it could be a very long ramble, so I cut its length....maybe part 2 might shortly come along !
    Thanks for looking.

  6. I know canoes, I'm Canadian, it's obligatory. I was issued a canoe at birth, along with an eight-track cassette tape of 'American Woman' by The Guess Who and an ice hockey puck.

    I've read about crannogs but I've yet to visit one. I'll put that on my list... does this crannog have a name?

    Fingers crossed.

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Very much enjoyed your description of driving in Scotland. So glad I was driven around in a bus when I was there on holiday, it sounds rather tricky actually.

  8. Thanks for visiting Speakup librarian. Being on a Bus was a very good idea....although mind you, Bus drivers also feature as one of my pet hates on the road as well !