Friday, 21 August 2009

Thank you.

The kind response from everyone there out in Blogger land has almost restored some of my faith in human nature. So, thank you for that.

Normal service will shortly resume, either just before, or just after I fly to Dubai on the 29th August.....The KSA experience has come to a close i am glad to say, but there are still stories to tell, from the safety of the bars of Dubai......



  1. All the best mate, hope the wife & you cope OK.

  2. "almost restored some of my faith in human nature"

    Ha! I know what you mean!

    Looking forward to your Dubai stories.

  3. I find the blogosphere a nicer place to be than some other internetty places we frequent.

    Have fun in Dubai,BTW I need a new pashmina, pale grey preferably.......

  4. Oh, I didn't know P was offering free pashminas to his fellow bloggers! Is he ever nice.

    P - I'd like one too, black or turquoise (or both, heehee).

  5. Take it easy, P pal. Shit times are shit but they'll make you stronger.

    And you've already written some very decent words about your father in law. He sounds a legend.

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind comments, they are very much appreciated, even if they involve Pashminas !!! and by the way, what the hell are they ?.
    I am finally in Dubai, and should be shortly starting to post again, so see you all shortly hopefully.

  7. Wishing peace and love to you and your family...

  8. Seemed to have missed your last couple of updates somehow. Sorry to hear about FIL. Best wishes to your family.

    Turquoise or black for me please by the way !