Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Edinburgh Zoo

We had a pleasant few hours wandering around the Zoo the other day, it is remarkably quiet at this time of year, so there were no sniveling, screaming snot ridden kids wandering around in Hoodies etc, which meant that for once the Adults could come out and play.
The weather was great (especially after the crap we had been having earlier in the month), and we even saw most of the Animals, which made a change from the recent visit to the Highland Safari Park, where we saw the sum of bugger all.
One word of warning for those passing through Dundee to get anywhere going South or West, the City Council in all their esteemed wisdom have succeeded in completely bringing the Traffic to a grinding halt near the Docks, so make sure you travel with a packed lunch, extra blankets and a thermos, as you'll be quite a time getting through that area, if indeed you eventually do.



  1. Wonderful shots, the chap in the first picture doesn't look too happy, maybe he's missing the hoodies. Great close up of the tiger.

  2. Excellent foto's!
    Why can't zoos just feed the hoodies to the animals?

  3. Adullamite....Now theres a thought...

  4. Such clarity in the photos - how obliging for them all to pose so nicely for you!