Friday, 18 September 2009

Leuchars Airshow

This was a good day out, apart for those who decided to take a car, and then found out some hours later that the other 11,999 cars on the Leuchars base, were all trying to get out of the same gate.... Last year there had been similar scenes, so the RAF in their understandable wisdom, decided this year to let a "Traffic management Consultancy" arrange the parking this time. So it was good to see that they made exactly the same mistake as the "Boys in Blue" had made in 2008.....I would love to know, just how much they (We) had been eye wateringly charged for this piece of consultancy, but i guess there were a reasonable number of noughts involved.
As you know the weather was fantastic, and there was many a red nose seen at the end of the day, as the sun started biting. Of course no one had bothered to bring any suntan lotion, as none of the 50,000 crowd believed for one moment, that the big yellow object would eventually make an appearance in this part of the World ! We expected dry, yes; but Sun, never !
Anyway, it was all very noisy, Boys Toys and colourful tail art on the various aircraft.

Everyone also got a little taste of what the Guys in Helmand Province, Afghanistan must feel like, as the Chinook helicopter broke down and couldn't display..... Mind you, I was wondering why on Earth there was a Chinook here in the first place, as I just had the idea that maybe it could have been more usefully deployed elsewhere.... call me a cynic if you wish.

The Mighty Vulcan

Oh, and before i forget, if you want to attract the "Birds", then dress up in red flying coveralls with lots of patches (mainly saying Red Arrows), and wear a Breiting never fails, as "She who must remain nameless" was pictured asking for an autograph....Shallow, very funny and a good end to the Show !



  1. Show off pilots attract the gullible birds.
    I wonder if any red overalls are available in the ex-army shop?

  2. Too late, I have bulk purchased....

  3. lol...

    Great pics!

    Only in Britain can you find 'fighter jet' tea towels!

  4. The Red Arrows were flying over our cottage a few weeks ago but I had packed my camera ready for a holiday so no shots but enjoyed watching them perform. I love the mighty Vulcan. When we were stationed in Lincolnshire they were still operational and it was a treat to watch the display pilot put one through it's paces, the vibration shook the house.