Wednesday, 30 September 2009

D D D Dentist

When i was away in Dubai last time i detected the beginning of an ache in the old Molar.... Now, if you are anything like me, you just try and do your best to, a) ignore it, or b) masticate your food on the other side of your mouth, and hope the pain will go away, or remain bearable enough to live with....the reason being is that I am completely terrified of Dentists, and especially their rather noisy, hard and pain giving objects that they attempt to put into your mouth....thats when they can prise my jaws open of course.

Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful Dentist, and whats more she is wonderfully attractive, but as soon as I sit in that chair, and the back starts to descend into a lying position I break out into a cold sweat....pathetic I know, but there you are.
Anyway, this time it was a case of a (thankfully) quick patch up, followed by an X ray...all pretty painless, except the old gag reflex kicked in during the X ray....just why do they try and fit awkward and overly large objects into your mouth ? its not my fault that i projectile vomited out the 2" piece of card she had wedged in my Gob....OK, it was only a 1 cm piece of photographic card I saw her pick up off the floor, but it sure felt like at least 2" square at the time.

Anyway the upshot of all of this, is that I now have another appointment on the 7th of October...a sadistically long enough period of time, for me to have a complete nervous breakdown just thinking of what might be coming my way on that to cheer myself up (Oh yeah !!), we ventured down to the beach at St Cyrus, which is not a million miles away, to soak up the remaining summer sun that is left.

The 4 stooges were in their element, sprinting off in all directions, none of them the same; chasing seagulls and the like, and generally behaving like hooligans, which is 2nd nature to them.
It was so good I almost forgot about the 7th ......... for all of about a nano-second !


ps. In case i have a complete nervous breakdown, and don't post tomorrow.....pinch and a punch !


  1. Oh yay! Another dentist wuss. I completely empathise in bucket loads - I have fainted at the dentist before - not embarrassing, much! Virtual good wishes for the 7th!!

    In the meantime, wow - look at those blue skies - gorgeous.

  2. Great fotos again.
    My dentist is a depressive, he is always looking down in the mouth.....

  3. Is it just me or do all dentists have stinking breath?

  4. I lived in England for five years and during that time a filling popped out and I had to go to "a British Dentist!!!" (JAWS soundtrack) to get a new one.

    My friends, both British and Canadian, filled me with horrors stories about "British Dentists!!!". But he was ace! I was in and out of that chair in about 10 minutes, no pain at all and he used some 'magic wand' thingy so no jabs. One of my best dental experiences.

    My dentist here in Canadaland offers completely distraction - telly in the ceiling, headphones, music or complete immersion... she's got a camera in the light and you can watch and listen to the whole procedure on the telly in the ceiling (ugh!!!!)

    Anyways, dentists, shmentists... those are fantastic photos!

  5. I know exactly how you feel,but you are brave so you'll be fine. I love the shot of your little Yorkie winging it down that lovely beach, my two Papillons would love him (or her).

  6. I hate dentists.......personally.

  7. Good luck today with the Mouth-Monster! I feel your pain; I had braces for years and will never get over that nervous tension.
    Love the pic of your dog charging straight at the camera:)

  8. Thanks to all of you re the Dentist. Just to let you all know....It Hurt, and Yes, I have another appointment to deal with....... Life just doesn't get any better than this......

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