Thursday, 17 September 2009

I'm (eventually) back.....

Yes I know...... there I was saying i will be updating stuff around the end of last month, and then came complete silence.... sorry.
My pathetic excuse is that quite honestly I have been incredibly busy, these last few weeks.
Dubai passed in a blur, as the de rigging of the Boat was just so fast, and consequently manic. I then arrived back in the UK last Friday to a beautiful sunset (see above for untainted pic) to find that "She who must be obeyed" had kindly organised a rail trip to the Leuchars airshow, which was fun, but at my advanced age completely knackering, and since then, I have been in recovery !
My consequent silence was then helped by Btinternet (God bless their cotton socks) deciding to play with the old broadband cut me off, for no other reason apart from losing us in their records.....unbelievable, but sadly true.
Anyway, its good to be back; even with every Tractor and Combine Harvester in the world trying to currently aim themselves at me whenever i see them on the road, but thats another story.....

Pretty pics of Leuchars Airshow will be downloaded shortly, and the rant will begin again once more....fingers crossed.



  1. Crackin sunset and hey, we're in the midst of the best week o weather all summer (even though it's no longer summer). So a big fat welcome home.

  2. Hey P, nice to hear from you again. I guess it's good to be home but I was sort of looking forward to some bitching about Dubai! ;-)

    That's one hell of a sunset!

  3. Thank you for the welcome back, it feels as if I have been away ages (not long enough I hear People cry).
    Ms TB I am sure that I can dredge some Dubai stories up from worries.
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting the camera out and getting on with a bit of ranting.