Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Strawberry Yorkies

Not that anyone is actually reading this, or even if they are interested, but i am declaring the 1st July a rant free day, well for this year anyway.
With the threat of redundancy hanging over my Nut, and the parlous state of the World being preached everywhere i read, i thought it would be good to get back to some sanity and even a little reality.......But Strawberry Yorkies ?
A couple of days ago while the Wife was in the garden doing some serious weed hitting, she noticed that all was rather quiet.
Now with 5 Yorkshire Terriers, the word quiet does not immediately spring to mind, suspicious maybe, but definitely not quiet. So upon turning round from her toils, she discovered the little hooligans happily munching away on our Strawberries that we grow within the flower beds around the garden.

Yummy, and she's not looking...

Whoops, just look innocent and appealing !

It has to be said that when you are Yorkie owner you very quickly develop a sixth sense for trouble, and you remain continually in awe of just the sheer daft things that they get up to, but for us this is a first !
So its good to see that actually, everything is quite normal in the big wide World.

Pinch and a punch to you all.


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  1. aaaawwwwww!!! I really want a yorkie, so could you explain to me how they act?? Are they sweet and cuddly like they look?? cute!!!