Wednesday, 29 July 2009

BBQ Summer..... My Ass

So its official, the Met Office have got no more clue about what the weather is going to be like in the next 10 minutes, as my Yorkshire (Yaarksheer) Terrier has. They are a total and complete shambles, and what is more we are paying for the buggers to make these jokes of a prediction.
If they were thinking it was going to be a BBQ July, then we should have made them cook only on a BBQ for that period, ie put their money where their mouth is.....the prick teasing (skinny) B@£$ards.
The only good thing these last few days, is that this heavy, showery weather we have been having has got our bug population up, and the Red throated Swifts ( so My learned Wife tells me), have been having a ball, and in doing so have provided me with plenty of photo opportunities (most of which i have missed by a short mile).
I have no idea what speed these little Hooligans are capable of, lets just call it fast..... as in most cases the reflexes of a 49 year Old Man has not got an earthly of photographing them. My poor feeble attempts i attach below for your derision.....but hey, it kept me occupied for a while doing it.....Simple pleasures !



  1. Come now, it's the UK, it's July, of course the weather will be as it is!
    Pictures of swifts?
    Round here they are either at several hundred feet or moving at a hundred miles an hour, screeching as they fly past the building! Impossible to photograph without some sort of ray beam attachment that the professionals use.

  2. Cool shots there. That's the beauty of digital and the 'just hold your finger on the shooter, point the sucker and hope for the best' school of photography. ;-)

    Where I'm at (Victoria, Canada) it's definitely a BBQ July. A huge, all consuming BBQ you can not escape from with the hottest ever recorded temps; 36 Celsius! Horrible. Seriously. I hate it. Everything and everyone is burnt to a crisp so it's not even an appetizing BBQ.