Tuesday, 7 July 2009

17 hours to go

After another succesful 5 weeks on the Ocean wave, its time to head home to my beautiful Wife in Scotland, and normality.
There are of course a few hoops to jump through to get Home of course, and i would normally say that thats half the fun of travelling, but when you have the grave misfortune of having to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aka KSA, The Kingdom etc, it becomes more a feat of patient endurance, as you deal with Petty Officialdom, Moronic Immigration Officers who wear their trousers like Simon Cowell, and are about as well behaved as a 5 year old on E, and absolutely unbelievable driving..... The joys...... but not for too much longer, as we have nearly finished our operations in this part of the world, and other countries beckon.
Anyway, i leave you with some photo's of previous homeward journeys from the biggest sandpit in the world.
Next blog from the UK.....Inshallah !

The Locals in the sand

Lorries in the sand

Sun going down in the sand

Interesting eh ?



  1. "...boring, cynical, sarcastic, weight disadvantaged bloke..."

    Weight disadvantaged maybe, boring, cynical, & sarcastic? Nah! You have a lot to learn about that mate! :)

  2. HaHa, I'll take that as a compliment then !