Wednesday, 15 July 2009


One of the side affects of being away for 5 weeks at a time, are the production of various lists of things I must do when I eventually return Home.
My Good Wifes list always differs from Mine in 2 main areas, firstly Hers are very much larger than mine (obviously), and secondly her lists are carved in stone, and are seen as some sort of legal and moral pledge, allegedly agreed by Myself (normally in my absence !). Whereas I see my list as a loosely based reminder of the things i should look at, if I manage to find the time to get round doing them, when I have finished playing with my Airgun, Camera, Classic car, Wii, Wife, Computer (and now this Blog), or been fishing, walking and generally being a Lardy arse in front of the Telly,.....not all necessarily in that order !
Anyway, the last couple of days have involved an ever evolving list of things to get done in the Garden, watched by the 4 Stooges.

I have to say its not been a great success so far though, as another side affect of being away, is that machinery, and tools that had previously been working without issue before I disappeared last time, now break with impunity, or no longer run without me having to get a spanner out, or in most cases a hammer; with the rapidly germinating thought in the back of my mind, that its big cousin the Sledge will shortly be called into action, if the 'effing engine on this lawnmower, laughingly called a quick start, does not fire up anytime soon.



So between that, and the threatening weather, i thought sod it, and reverted to my list and went off to Balgavie Loch to take pretty pictures of blue Dragon flies and generally enjoy Myself.

The Wife came too........



  1. Still a sad lack of cynicism, sarcasm and grumpiness! In a week or so I will return to normal and show how it is done!

    Your wife is lucky you are around to do all that work by the way!

  2. You are so right, she is very lucky indeed !

  3. I have a feeling that the Four Stooges photo was a complete fluke... I can't imagine that it would be possible to recreate that! It's great.

  4. You are absolutely right, I couldn't believe it Myself. The little buggers are normally right in your face, or just basically being Yorkies ie Off their trolleys and manic !!