Thursday, 23 July 2009

Part 2- Escape from Yorkshire

This probably falls somewhere in the "Worlds best sign" Categories, especially if you have recently visited Yaarksheer.....
Anyway thats it for me, I finally made good my escape and after filling up with diesel headed out of Leeds in the early evening. Now speaking of Diesel, is it just Me who is getting increasingly frikkin bemused about fuel Pricing ? 6 weeks ago, there was a 10p difference between Diesel and Petrol, and now they are the same has that happened then ? Are there now less diesel cars/Lorries on the roads, so that there is more to go round all the Saddo's who use the Devils fluid ? Having said that, Gordon and Ali seem to have done a pretty good job in forcing Haulage companies to the wall recently, so maybe there really is more diesel to go round...hmmm.
The other thing about fuel pricing is why the hell do they feel the need to price a litre, to a tenth ? The garage i filled up in yesterday had Diesel at 99.9 p/litre, and 4 star petrol at 99.6p/litre...what the feck is that all about ? my initial thought was it must be a Yaarksheer thing as they are tight with their brass, so they must have .6p coins around down here somewhere.
Please just call it a squid for Gods sake, we are not living in the 50's where we were all gullible to you slick Southern Marketers, and only registered the first digit in any pricing, give us Northern Consumers a little more credit...durr.
Right, I better clamber off the High horse and get on with things, as this was meant to be a quick entry, as I'm still suffering from jet lag.
The A65.......Anyone have the grave misfortune of knowing this road ? For those of you who don't know what the feck I am talking about, its the road that runs to the NW from Leeds to the M6 Motorway and escape from Yaarksheer. The very thought of it being an escape route should fill you with overflowing joy, but it surely has to fall into the other well known category, of the "Worlds worst roads". Theres nothing really wrong with the road itself, except its narrow, windy and almost impossible to overtake on. Its just so damn busy, and mainly busy with complete assholes driving Toyota Yaris's, and wee Fords, who have grey hair and insist on driving at 35 mph, without once looking in their wing mirrors to notice the queue of 30 other vehicles stacked behind them....Jeepers. Then there are the cyclists. Of all the roads in Britain, why do they insist on riding in packs on this one.....I mean I like cycling, but I don't wish to commit suicide, so therefore I engage my brain (Yes, i still have the odd synapse firing off somewhere), and don't cycle on roads such as the A65 where some old, short sighted geriatric is going to come up behind you....and just keep going, without even registering the bump and thump as they run you over.....STAY OFF THE A65.
Anyway, I managed to finally get home, close to 10 in the evening, and what a great evening it was; the mist just beginning to gently rise off the fields, and a clear sky beckoning a good day coming in the morning....... Life is pretty damn good.



  1. You've posted a photo taken while driving; a drive-by! I think that makes you an official blogger now. ;-)

    I've only been York and through Yorkshire on trains. Both enjoyable.

    I was planning to go to Leeds as a great dad came from there (emigrated to Canada) but none of my friends would come with me (haha) and I didn't want to go badly enough to go on my own.

    I hope your Dad's feeling better.

  2. oh, forgot... very nice bottom photo.

  3. Let me rephrase that!

    Very nice photo at the bottom of your post.

  4. Ms TB, yes, i felt pretty radical doing my drive by photo.
    I appreciate your comments regarding my bottom photo....i prefered it when you didn't feel the need to rephrase mind you !!
    Number 128 is doing pretty good, thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Ha! Don't get carried away P... she says that to all the boys!
    Excellent drive by shot, but I notice you still have some way to go ..... you took it from the slow lane. Real bloggers would have been in the fast lane..... with a juggernaut up their arse.
    Glad to heat No. 128 is doing well.

  6. Excellent! That's the way to do it!
    Most enjoyable - well, not for you on the road obviously!

  7. Thank ypu for taking a short trip to Norway and my blog :-) you boring???? ;-)

  8. Big shout out to 128.

    I've only been through Leeds on a train but i had a mate from the city, called Stew.

    Proper good guy, barry accent, cool vocab. Everything he liked was described as "mint", which i kinda liked.

  9. Naldo, Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your comments re 128.
    Mint....Haha, thats good, and you are right the word is usd a lot, as well as the use of Pet when a Female is talking to you....