Friday, 10 July 2009


Arrived back home, after about 8 hours of flying from The Kingdom.
Its always a great feeling to get back home, but when you are coming back from the puss pit of the World, its even better....
Immigration was as tedious as ever, with the Cretins in Dammam Airport doing everything possible to make you want to take them down a darkened alley, and basically beat the living crap out of them, if you ever had the chance in your fantasies. The sheer arrogance of these people is unbelievable,
if it wasn't for the huge numbers of Foreign hired help, this Country would still be one step below the Dark ages. There is something about that Country, their attitude to non Arabs, the way they treat their Women, the complete lack of distribution of wealth, that just gets my baser instincts rising to the surface.....but enough of that, I'm back Home for goodness sake, and Life is good.
The Wife looks great, and is even happy to see my Ugly Mug, a fact that always astounds and humbles me, especially after 30 hours of travelling on Boats, Buses, Trains, Planes and Automobiles. The Dogs went mad, they also even recognized me for a change, and it was a great welcome home sunset as well.......Life is good.



  1. Hello P, I've no idea who you are! ;-) But I see that you're following my blog so I thought I'd come say hello. So, hello and I like the groovy photos.

  2. Thanks for visiting, its a start,and i'm slowly working how to do this new fangled bogging thingy....lets face it, things can only get better !!

  3. Your efforts at starting up are way superior to mine. Not that that's significant in any way. Nevertheless, welcome to the blogosphere, and thanks for visiting me.
    Judging by the sunset pics I'd say we share the same sky!

  4. Neil,

    Thanks for the kind words, and you are right, it most definitely does look like the same patch of sky !