Monday, 6 July 2009

Catch a Fishie

Today, after 2 years of trying i'm proud to say we have caught our 1st fishing boat.
This has taken us a lot longer that we first thought, as they have been pretty sneaky, plus they have been very well advised by our Company over the last 2 years, about our operation, where we are working in their patch of sea, and even been given leaflets in every language under the sun, with pictures (for those who can't read) of what our boat looks like, even with a big red X through it, as an even bigger clue. So our chances of catching one were pretty slim as they have been given such a head start.
So we had to resort to such underhand tactics of tempting them closer to us, like that well known tactic of attracting them to us by firing flares as soon as we saw them, or even by using one of our 3 Chase vessels to round them up and push them towards us.
But so far, until today we had no success.
However, using our well used, but up to now, unsucessful method of attraction...The Flare, we suckered one of the Buggers to come right behind us, and to our joy he stopped and threw his anchor out, which as luck would have it, immediately caught on one of streamers being towed underwater by us.
It is hard to describe the look on their faces, or come to think of it, the aghast look on our faces as we saw this story unfold in front of us. I was so excited i nearly peed my pants !
All ended well though, as after playing around a little with them, we got bored and let them go, and watched them sail into the setting sun.
2 Days before we Crew change and i get off.....and boy oh boy it can't come fast enough !


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